Round Two

We're halfway through our second round of Chicks Empowered in Kunchubwe Village and its going great! We increased the number of chickens from 220 to 330 for this round... and on Day 15 only SIX had died!  What an incredible success!!


But thats not the only Round Two Love Abounds is preparing for...

I'm heading back to Zambia for three weeks next month!  A lot has changed since David and I were preparing for our trip last May-- just six short months ago, we were eager to find out what our next steps would be as an organization.  


I'm reminded of my adorable niece, AGP, who is currently on the brink of walking! She's learning this process all on her own under the watchful eye of mom and dad.  They're right there when she falls, to baby-proof the house, and to cheer her on as she takes more and more steps.  

Love Abounds is in a similar process of learning to walk.  Its important we also be there for the falls, to "baby-proof", and to cheer on in-person during our big successes! 

This November, our number one goal is to stabilize Chicks Empowered to be a well-oiled machine in our absence.  I will have the privilege of being present for the end of Round Two and the beginning of Round Three-- two of the most difficult times of the project.  It will be fantastic to see with my own eyes all the hard work the women have put in since July! 

The second goal of this trip is to start preparing the way for our orphanage... but more on that later ;)

Finally, this trip will also be a scouting trip for our very first Love Abounds team trip!  We are excited to be able to take friends, family, and supporters to Zambia next summer.  Hopefully during this trip, I can wrap my head around what taking 8-10 individuals to Lusaka would actually look like :)

I cannot wait to get my feet back on Zambian soil in three weeks.  Six months ago I was excited to see what was next, now I'm thrilled to see the development on the ground!

Thank you everyone for joining this walking journey with us!



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