20 With $10

In two weeks, down to the hour, I'll be landing in Zambia. Whew (yes, I mean that in more ways than one)! 

One reason I am thrilled for this trip is to witness the progress of our on-the-ground Project Manager, Alexandre.  

Alexandre has done a fantastic job keeping us informed and in the loop, running the Chicks Empowered project in our absence, and envisioning new future projects for Kunchubwe Village. I'm so excited to see the fruits of Alexandre's labor in Kunchubwe.  


Alexandre is one of the happiest people I know. He constantly wears a giant grin, a positive attitude, and a go-get-em enthusiasm despite a tragic past. As a Rwandan refugee living in a foreign country, Alexandre and his family have made Zambia home, a place they love and cherish. Loving and uplifting people around them is their number one goal in life and is evident in all they do. 


We could not be happier to have such a man be a part of our Love Abounds team and it's our duty to make sure he has a fair wage to support his family.  

We're often asked what our greatest needs are as a newly beginning nonprofit. Sometimes it's hard to choose just one thing.  Currently, keeping Alexandre on our team is vitally important to our success as an impactful organization.  That's why I'm asking those who believe in Love Abounds vision and mission to consider partnering with us in monthly giving.

When you read about our work in Zambia, your heart may tell you to give it all and your wallet simply cannot back you up. Don't be discouraged! Even small gifts monthly add up to big impacts in Zambia! 

If only 20 people give $10 a month, we can give Alexandre a fair salary,   and save more money from the Chicks Empowered profits to invest in future projects. 

The last thing we want to do is twist your arm. We want partners who truly see the value in our work and out of their hearts give freely and joyfully!   

So think about it, consider it, and if it just feels right, go to our giving page and set up a recurring payment plan through the secure and user-friendly PayPal.   

Maybe this doesn't feel right, (that's ok!) but you want to be involved in another way, send me an email and let's chat! 

As always, we're ever grateful for the love and support surrounding us and our work.

all the best, 



Bethany MorganComment