Hi everyone!

We are David & Bethany Morgan.  Welcome to the Love Abounds blog.

 As we prepare for our big adventure this summer, I've spent time pondering how to be intentional about connecting with people. A blog is an obvious place to share our story as a couple traveling to Zambia.  However, Love Abounds' story goes beyond David and myself, it is a collective story of partnership and community.  We intend for this blog to tell that collective story.  

To keep ourselves accountable, I've laid some ground rules that follow our four values of Love, Empowerment, Creativity, and Sustainability.

1.  Love Abounds mission is to spread tangible love to the world... NOT OURSELVES!  Therefore, the subject of our story should not be about David and myself but all the amazing people we encounter daily!  (In other words, do not be surprised when we don't talk about the food we're eating)

2.  Each blog post should be uplifting, encouraging, and empowering.  Every post should answer the question: Why are we doing this?

3.  We want to be creative, fun, and unique in our blog.  Look forward to lots of pictures, videos, stories, and testimonies!

4.  Each blog post should be worth reading!  Blogging should not be overwhelming, it should be useful.  We want to tell stories that inspire, give data that challenges, and share love that prompts action.  

We could not be more thrilled for this summer and are ecstatic to include you in Love Abounds' story.  

All the love,


P.S. comment below and tell us one thing you look forward to seeing in the Love Abounds blog!

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