Welcome to the Kunchubwe Village.

Over a thousand people call Kunchubwe home.  Although not far from the city of Lusaka, the Kunchubwe village is very remote.  It sits near a stream running from the Kafue River that dries up only a couple months after the rains end.  

Farming is the main source of income in Kunchubwe Village.

Farming is the main source of income in Kunchubwe Village.

Meet Steven Kunchubwe, Headman of the Kunchubwe Village and a member of the Royal Council in the Nkomeshya Chiefdom as Senior Headman.  Steven oversees 19 villages of the 480 villages in the Nkomeshya Chiefdom. 


As a Senior Headman, Steven has the authority and opportunity to give land and orchestrate programs that will help his people. In a rural village such as Kunchubwe, the people are vulnerable and resources are limited. Steven must do what he can to better the lives and protect his people while remaining fair and honest. While many headmen abuse their authority and require bribes, Steven’s priority and heart is the people.  

The kitchen of Headman Steven.

The kitchen of Headman Steven.

Last week, we had an incredible face-to-face meeting with Headman Steven to discuss goals for the village and begin planning future initiatives. We believe that where Steven’s vision for his people and Love Abounds’ vision for empowerment align we can achieve great success. Our goal is not to impose our ideas into their community unwelcomed. Instead, we want to facilitate, support, and encourage ideas that the village believes in. Community born ideas will give ownership and responsibility to the people and allows success to continue even when we aren’t there. Out of their success, pride and accomplishment grows in the people and ultimately we hope a cycle of empowerment and opportunity is created.

In 2014, Headman Steven heard we were drilling boreholes in the region and approached us for partnership.  He granted us 7 acres of land in the Kunchubwe Village.  Our first step was to drill two boreholes in the village.

Over the past year our team on the ground has worked consistently with Headman Steven and are constantly impressed with his honesty and passion for his people.  That is why we can’t possibly be appreciative enough to Headman Steven for partnering with us in community empowerment and development initiatives.  Without a good working relationship with the Headman, everything we endeavor to do would be impossible.

We are so excited to continue our relationship with Steven during the summer and for years to come.  There is much more to share! Expect more exciting updates and pictures as we finalize projects and begin implementing new initiatives!!