Chicks Empowered

One question we came to answer this summer is What is our next step?

So we’re super excited to announce our new initiative, Chicks Empowered, a chicken farming economic development initiative.

Chicks Empowered aligns with our vision perfectly, by 
1. Meeting the physical needs of women by supplying a reliable source of income and 
2. Empowering women to be small business owners in their community.  

We plan on implementing Chicks Empowered in two areas:

First, we’re excited to partner with a small group of women from Kunchubwe.  During our time in Zambia, we’ve witnessed that women are the hardest workers in the village.  Women, almost exclusively, feel the burden of providing for their children.   They struggle to pay for their children’s expenses, such as school fees.  

The main source of income in Kunchubwe for women is gardening— which is often unprofitable due to an unreliable market.  

Through Chicks Empowered we hope to partner with women to create a dependable and steady monthly income.  By empowering women, we impact this generation and the next.  

Headman Steven is equally excited for this project to begin and has graciously given us land to build a chicken house.  

The section of farmland for Love Abounds Poultry House

The section of farmland for Love Abounds Poultry House

Second, we’ve partnered with a local farmer in Zambia.  She has agreed to let Love Abounds use a section of her farmland for chicken farming.  This project will not only create 8 jobs for women but will generate sustainable income for Love Abounds.  With this income, we have the freedom to invest in more projects, more often and ultimately have greater impacts in Zambian villages. 

We’re inviting you to partner with us in Chicks Empowered through giving.  We’re raising funds to build two chicken houses, purchase 1,200 day old chicks, and all the costs for feed, vaccinations, and supplies. Love Abounds hopes to begin implementation before we leave in July. 

Including the one-time start up expense, the cost of one chicken is $5.50.  Join us in empowering women by donating 5, 10, 50, 100 chickens.  Any amount will directly impact Chicks Empowered and provide sustainable income for years to come.  

Bethany MorganComment