A Field Trip

WOW! We have a lot of exciting updates to share!

First, Thank you!!  330 chickens have been donated to the Chicks Empowered project!  This means we’ve raised over 25% of our final goal to start the two Chicks Empowered projects! 

Second, the Kunchubwe Chicks Empowered project is well underway!  Yesterday we took the ladies on a field trip to a local farmers' chicken run.  At the farm, the women were able to see firsthand a successful examples of chicken rearing.  They received detailed instructions in their own language.  It was exciting to see the women engaged, asking questions, gaining understanding, and taking ownership of the project.  

Halfway through the day we saw the lightbulb starting to go off in their eyes.  They were starting to visualize what Chicks Empowered will look like in Kunchubwe Village and the impact it will have on their daily life.  After asking great questions and taking lots of notes, the ladies left the farm full of great expectations.  

We left the farm knowing Chicks Empowered can create life changing impact and generational change in Kunchubwe and is exactly the type of project Love Abounds will continue to pursue.  

The best part about this project is we only have to raise money once!  After the first round of chickens, the chicken projects will be completely sustainable independently.  In addition, portions of the profits will support future Chicks Empowered projects in other villages across Zambia.

We’re raising money for 1,200 chickens, 2 chicken houses, and all the supplies to run the first batch of chickens and we’re 25% of the way there!  Each chicken is $5.50! Please consider joining us in empowering women by donating a chicken, challenging your friends to give, and sharing the story of Chicks Empowered!