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Hello! We're back in the USA!

We apologize for the lack of blog posts in the past month.  The last several weeks in Zambia were chaotic trying to accomplish as much as possible in little time.  Busy schedules mixed with poor internet connectivity and electricity load-shedding made blog-posting painfully difficult.

After over 48 hours of travel time, we landed in Raleigh-Durham last Wednesday!  Now that we know what day and timezone we're in, we're ready to start sharing many updates with you over the next few days!

We made it!

We made it!

Update #1: Love Abounds' first employee

Meet Alexandre [and his family]!


Alexandre is the first official employee of Love Abounds and will be serving as the Project Manager in Kunchubwe Village.  He will be traveling to Kunchubwe twice a week to monitor and support the women in the Chicks Empowered project. Having eyes and ears on the ground is crucial to the success of village projects.

Alexandre and his wife, Clementine, are Rwandan refugees who fled and barely escaped with their lives after the genocide in the 1990s.  In Rwanda, Alexandre worked in village development focused on microfinance and small businesses.   

During our time working with Alexandre, we saw the incredible skill set he will bring to our team.  His past experience and heart for the people align perfectly with our vision for Love Abounds.  We are so excited to add this passionate man and his beautiful family to our Love Abounds family!

Love Abounds also bought a mode of transportation Alexander will be using to travel to the rural area of Kunchubwe. A motorbike is especially helpful in the rainy season when many of the dirt roads and paths turn to mud. 

Since we've left Zambia last week, Alexandre has traveled to Kunchubwe three times with exciting updates each visit.  Stay tuned this week to hear more updates about Chicks Empowered!

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