Construction is Complete!

Yesterday we received fantastic news! The Kunchubwe Village Chicken house is finished!   Wow, what a learning process!  Our first construction of a chicken house has been exciting, eye-opening, and sometimes frustrating. 

Enjoy some pictures from start-to-finish of our construction:

This week 220 day-old chickens will make their journey to Kunchubwe village.  We are so thrilled to take the next step. 

Thank you to everyone's support of Chicks Empowered.  Your support helps us provide life-changing opportunities to one of the world's most vulnerable populations.

With so many lessons learned from this first round of construction, we know our next project will be built even quicker and more efficiently.  We are still raising money to support a Love Abounds chicken house that will hold 3,000 chickens!  We've almost reached our goal!

We know this will be an extremely beneficial project that will drive income and resources into more projects around Sub-Sahara Africa like Kunchubwe Village.  For $5.50 you can give one (all expenses included) chicken to Chicks Empowered and help Love Abounds empower women in Zambia!

Visit the blog next week to see some Empowered Chicks!

Bethany MorganComment