We're jumping for joy - ready to share some exciting news!  

we're launching our new program: kid-to-kid partnerships!

Imagine being forced to choose between feeding your kids or sending them to school.  Its hard to even put ourselves in this scenario, our public schools are not only free but many who struggle to feed their kids at home can rely on a good meal served at school. 

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a public education in Zambia.  The reality is many parents are faced with the decision: food or education.  

To think of even one child not being able to attend school because their family cannot afford it breaks my heart.  It gives me a much-needed reality check about how incredibly privileged I am.  There was never a question of whether I went to school. I had every thing I could ever need to succeed and then some. 

Education is valuable.  We believe education is a powerful tool to change lives and future generations.  

So, when the mothers and grandmothers of Chicks Empowered asked me if we could do something about this problem, I told them we could certainly try.  

We want to connect kids from here in the states to kids in Kunchubwe Village, in hopes to accomplish two major things:

  1. Fund school fees for children in Kunchubwe Village
  2. Impart a special kind of knowledge to kids in our communities about the value of education and what life is like in a developing country

Here's how it works:

  1. We'll connect 1-2 children of similar ages and grades with one child in Zambia.  They're now partners - glamorized pen pals :)
  2. Your child is now responsible for raising the money to sponsor their partner's school fees.  This costs anywhere between $5-$17 a year.  (Except one special case).  
    Your child can raise the funds in whatever way they want - maybe they want to save up money from chores, maybe they ask neighbors and friends for spare change.  
  3. We'll be the bridge between your child and their partner in Zambia.  They can write each other letters, draw each other pictures, anything they want to do to connect to their partner. We'll hand deliver these goodies on our trips to Zambia and hopefully we'll have goodies to return to you when we get home!
  4. Once a term (every 4 months) we'll send an update about your child's partner and include a small story (lesson) about life in Kunchubwe Village from the perspective of a child.  

This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for your kid to change the course of a person's life! Forever! To impact a child of similar age on the other side of the globe, how cool is that?  Plus, the invaluable lessons it will provide may change the way your child sees education.  

if you're interested in connecting your child to one of these children please contact me at


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