Last week we made the big announcement - Tony and Carol are moving to Zambia to start our orphanage! As with every big step in Love Abounds history, this step has been scary, crazy, and incredibly thrilling!  

The Love Abounds' Orphanage is more than just a shelter. We have the incredible opportunity to change the course of lives in Kunchubwe Village simply by providing homes filled with love to orphaned or abandoned children.   As always, love is our number one priority.  Through love we know we can instill purpose, hope, and empowerment to the kids of Kunchubwe. 

One of the most exciting parts about taking this step is we are already FULLY FUNDED to build all 5 homes of the orphanage!

Meaning - we can focus ALL our fundraising attention on the important part - supporting kids!

You may be thinking to yourself - wow, this is incredible, I want to help!  We're thrilled you think so!  We've created a variety of ways - big and small - for you to get involved in our orphanage. 

The Build-A-Room Package 

Every home will have 2 bedrooms to be shared among 8 children.  Help us build their rooms with a one-time gift of $250.  Your gift will provide one child with their own bed (totally a luxury item in the village), warm and comfortable bed linens, and a storage locker to hold their belongings. 


 The Nutrition Package

With this package, you are committing to a monthly gift that provides 3 meals a day for a month.  Every household will be provided with supplies for a balanced diet according to their traditional foods in Kunchubwe Village. 

To support an entire household of 8 children and one house mother  = $60/month. 
To support one child's meals for the month = $8/month


The Hygiene Package

The hygiene package supports one child's hygiene by providing:

  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • soap and shampoo
  • washcloths and towels
  • and bathing facilities 

The hygiene package can be paid in 2 ways:
1.  A Yearly gift of $100     -OR-
2.  Monthly gifts of $8

Your gifts aren't just a one-way street.  We promise to keep everyone informed about the on-goings of our orphanage as it grows.  Join us on this remarkable and guaranteed-life changing journey!  

(In your giving, please indicate which package you'd like to contribute to)

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