In case you missed it, I was in Zambia last month for a short and unplanned trip!!

We hadn't planned for a trip so soon after my long visit in November but because of some personnel issues with our Project Manager in Kunchubwe Village, I found myself on the 30 hour flight to Lusaka with the daunting task of letting go our first employee.  

I've learned a lot since starting Love Abounds: how to raise (and slaughter) broiler chickens, how to quickly convert Zambia Kwacha into US Dollars in my head, and more importantly what it means to be a leader.  (Still working on this last one).  

One thing that has become abundantly clear to me - every single thing we do should exemplify our mission, which is simply to act in love.  If and when we lose course from this mission, something has to change.  So, we made some changes in our leadership in Kunchubwe Village and we could not be more pleased with how well this transitional period is unfolding!


Remember Geneva?  I talked about this incredible woman here.   She continually amazes me in her leadership, humility, and love for her community.  Her and her husband, Headman Steven, are also Love Abounds' new Chicks Empowered project managers in Kunchubwe Village. 

I had a blast surprising the Chicks Empowered ladies during their weekly Monday meeting - they were so shocked!  We spent the week discussing the transitions, planning for the expansion of the project, and reconnecting with one another!  

Despite multiple hiccups, it was incredible to see how the ladies picked up the slack without being told.  Its obvious they take full ownership in the success and failures of this project and because of that the project is stronger than ever!

I left from our final meeting with a peace and assurance I hadn't felt before when leaving.  We're so excited to see Geneva and Headman Steven's progress when we visit them in May!

Speaking of our trip in May... one of the best parts about this trip was the progress we made in planning for 2016.  

We're taking our FIRST team trip to Kunchubwe Village for a construction project this May! We're still seeking interested people to join us on this amazing and life-changing experience - email me at if you're interested!

We have so many more exciting updates... on our orphanage, Kid-to-Kid Partnerships and more... next time on the blog :)





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