Yesterday evening, David and I took Tony and Carol out to Cracker Barrel for some last-minute, last-chance-you'll-get-em biscuits and country cooking.  They've sold their house, their cars, packed away furniture, gave away lots of stuff, and everything they own now fits in 6 suitcases.

 It'd be normal if there was some bittersweet hesitancy mixed in with their excitement - but Tony and Carol aren't normal. :)   There was no room for bittersweet sentiments or hesitancy at the dinner table last night because Tony and Carol have been waiting 10 years for today.  I sat across the table in awe of 2 people totally unattached to the world around them and 100% focused on the mission and purpose God's given them.  

We (semi-begrudgingly) set our alarms for 3:45AM to wake up and send Tony and Carol off!  They haven't even opened check-in when we arrive at 4:20 - Tony and Carol are relaxing on the couches, cool as cucumbers.   Everyone's giddy this morning, we wait for check-in to open and joke and laugh and giggle.  

At last, its time to send them off.  I feel way more nervous than they're acting.  Then I remember our conversation last night - I asked them, "are you having any last minute reservations?" Boldly and almost simultaneously Tony and Carol answered NO!  

They are so confident in their decision, in their purpose, and it brings me so much joy to think about Carol skipping down the security check line - bouncing with excitement!  

See you soon, Tony and Carol!!  We can't wait to see all the amazing things you're up to in a month!!

For those following Tony and Carol's story on our blog - we've given specific instructions to Tony and Carol to get adjusted and settled during their first two weeks.  So, you may not see anything orphanage related right away - but don't worry - its coming! 





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