ZamSquad16 - Livingstone

**  Warning: anyone who hates awesome pictures, this is not the post for you :)   **

Anyone who kept up with our #ZamSquad16 posts on social media knows we had a blast during our stay in Zambia.   We experienced some pretty amazing stuff...  

A few days into our trip the fab Hannah arrived to join our team!  Hannah has been living in Uganda for the past 4 months serving in two orphanages!  We were super excited to add her to our group last minute.  

After Hannah's arrival, we crammed into Tony and Carol's van and made the 7 hour trek down to Livingstone!  No more than 2 hours into our journey we hit a giant pothole and POP goes one of our tires.  We all pile out of the van (this is a process y'all) and change the tire with giant trucks zooming past us.  Just imagine driving down a pothole-filled road knowing you don't have a spare tire and the next town is probably 50 miles away!  Agh!  Tony did a great job navigating through the potholes and we arrived safely but a little ragged to Livingstone!

That afternoon we wen to the "Mist that Thunders" - Victoria Falls.  One of the seven natural wonders of the world, it does not disappoint.  You can (and we did) just stand in awe of its grandeur for hours and be totally overwhelmed by its power and beauty.  We visited the Falls on Carol's birthday - what an amazing birthday present! 


It was pretty incredible to watch the sun set over the Zambezi River with the mist's continuous rise over the falls.  I think we all left the Falls a little slack-jawed at this magnificent piece of creation.  

While in Livingstone, we stayed in an AMAZING hotel, Maramba River Lodge, whose backyard was a creek off the Zambezi!  While we ate breakfast and lunch, or just relaxing by the pool, we saw a family of hippos and two giant crocodiles!  It was rad to be right in the midst of nature. 

The next morning we woke up before sunrise to go to a game park!  Within the first 5 minutes in the park we saw a hippo up close and personal.  We saw the hippo from a distance on the riverbank.  We thought it was an elephant so we drove up and got out of the van to see the elephant in the water.  When we get by the river there's no elephant in sight.  Suddenly we see the hippo head emerge from the water and he did not look happy! I took off running to the van as fast as possible, I didn't realize Hannah was the only one to follow me until we were safely in the van! haha!

We did see some amazing animals in the game park - rhinos, zebra, giraffe, water buffalo, elephants, the hippo, antelope, warthogs, and monkeys!  

Our small "vacay" to Livingstone was full of laughs, fun, adventure, and team-bonding. We grew appreciative of each other's humor and thankful for amazing attitudes when stuck in a small van for hours and hours.  I was reminded that it doesn't matter how many times you see the Falls or an elephant in the wild only 30 yards away - it doesn't get old. It was super fun to be able to share in the splendor of Zambia with this incredible group of people!  

Now, enjoy this video of our team trying a traditional Zambian cuisine - caterpillars!

More about the ZamSquad next time, until then, zikomo! (thank you!)

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