Breaking Ground



It felt like Christmas morning when Carol sent me the photos of all the materials delivered on Wednesday!  I can't even imagine how exciting it must have been to see those big trucks roll up deep into the village.  Speaking of materials, it takes

3,000 blocks, 26 ton of building sand,
20 ton of quarry, 4 construction workers,
and 1 toddler delivering food

to raise the walls of a 8 meter x 10 meter home!!!

When Tony and Carol arrived this morning at 10AM to the village, Carol said most of the digging of the foundation was already finished! The workers estimate that it should take around 3 weeks (but this is Africa time, y'all) to raise the walls and put the roof on!  

Tony and Carol have faced many ups and downs in the past month figuring out which path to choose for the orphanage construction.  We were heavily considering using storage containers because of an awesome orphanage site we visited in town -- buuut, when we received the price estimate for the storage containers idea we knew it wasn't possible!  (Nearly 5x a much as we want to spend!!)  We feel confident now that the traditional brick and mortar building makes the most sense for our needs.  Once that decision was made, Tony and Carol were like 2 tornadoes on a mission.  They finished clearing the land, got the borehole well drilled, the first home mapped out, quotes for contractors, hired a contractor, bought all the materials, had the materials delivered, and started work today!  Whew! 

Not to mention all the other hard work and #ZamLife moments in Tony and Carol's life recently. Here's a few more updates from the hilarious duo:

  • You may remember from the last blog post  that we got in a car accident last month...  as of today our car still isn't fixed!  We definitely thought it would be done by the time the first team arrived - but this is Africa time!   I am believing by the time the next team gets here in August we will have it fixed! ha!

  • We've been going out to the village nearly 4-6 days a week and are starting to really know the community.  Kids are finally not running away afraid. They have been told so many horror stories about whites it's really unbelievable, but we are breaking barriers. Praise God!

  • Here's a funny "This is Africa" story -- It only took us 4.5 weeks to find a shower curtain rod!  It never ceases to amaze me how hard some items are to find, but yet we have electronic stores EVERYWHERE!  And red solo cups are not to be found, any where in the whole city of Lusaka! I miss my red solos! 

  • The attendance in the Kunchubwe CFC is growing week by week.  This past Sunday we had over 50 in attendance.  The people really enjoy illustrated sermons and having time to discuss the lesson each week.  We have already started to see tremendous growth in some of our first members!  Its exciting to be apart of something so special. 

  • From Bethany - Tony & Carol's 24/7 work and support for the ZamSquad made our trip not only possible but also more fun and run seamlessly.  Its always a privilege to witness people living out their dream and without a doubt, Tony and Carol are fulfilling their dream in Zambia.   

Lois, 3 years old, is Peter's daughter and #1 food deliverer on the construction site! :)

Lois, 3 years old, is Peter's daughter and #1 food deliverer on the construction site! :)

Words really can't describe how exciting it is to actually SEE the beginning of the children's home take shape.  

So many more exciting days ahead - you don't wanna miss it, stay tuned!



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