Life Okendewa

Life Okendewa.

For months, the Love Abounds staff cringed at the word orphanage to describe what Tony and Carol were building in Kunchubwe Village, envoking the scene of orphan Annie singing "Its a Hard-Knocked Life".  I struggled to find the words to describe what we envisioned for our children's home.  Until one day I started pondering on one word - beloved.

Since day one, when Love Abounds was still more of a dream than reality, our overwhelming mission was to share love.  To let people know they are loved

Life Okendewa = Beloved Life

From dreaming to planning to the laying of the very first block to a now finished building - all of us at Love Abounds knew our home for orphaned and abandoned children was much more than a building. As I journaled ideas for potential names for the orphanage I wrote down my heart for this place.  I scribbled frantically, jumbled thoughts written beneath a to-do list, capturing our heart's cry for what we hope Life Okendewa will become.

"About more than just a building, more than shelter and food on the table, its about more than home, even, its about life.  Its about raising up sons and daughters in the knowledge they are loved. They are beloved.  They live a beloved life - one that matters, one that is important, one that brings joy to God.  They are beloved.  This isn't about buildings, or clothes, or food, or beds -- its about lives.  Let them know they are loved - they are beloved."

Over lunch and coffee, David, Tony, Carol, and I discussed this scribbled mess and the name to match. Life Okendewa.  We agreed unanimously this was the perfect fit.  

We're so excited for the orphanage to finally have a real identity - and to no longer use the word orphanage anymore!  But theres even more exciting news than simply the reveal of our name...

Life Okendewa's First Building is Finished!!!

This lovely blue gem is complete and ready to be filled with laughter, squeals, the pitter-pattering of feet, crying, hugging, loving, and living! The house will soon be inspected, toilets and bath houses are being constructed, and soon we'll know the children who will call this place home. 

Oh... and if you missed it before - here's a video tour Carol gives of the Life Okendewa house before we ever got paint on the walls! 

There is so much more goodness to share - but we can't give away all our secrets at once! :) Stay tuned as the Life Okendewa story continues to grow and grow!


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