Overcoming Roadblocks: Literally Speaking

I hope you don't mind if I speak rather frankly in this post.

In the past 8 months of building Life Okendewa's first home for abandoned and orphaned children, we've hit a lot of road blocks.  We've been bombard with hurdle after hurdle and sometimes I'm left wondering how long must we jump through hoops. 

Working overseas is not an easy job.  Rewarding - yes.  My dream job - of course. Changing lives, including my own - no doubt.  But easy - absolutely not.  Any missionary or humanitarian aid worker has their share of stories from the trenches.  Stories that don't often make it to instagram or the blog.  In my year and a half of choosing to focus on Love Abounds as my career, we've already had our fair share of route-alternating roadblocks.  In international development work - overcoming roadblocks is the name of the game.   And the past 8 months of roadblocks- thats exactly what we've done - overcome.  Truly, Tony and Carol deserve most of the credit here. 

Unfortunately - road blocks also cost organizations lots of money, time spent away from our mission, and to be frank, unnecessary headaches.

Which is the reason for this post - because to put it simply - we need your help.

All we've wanted for the past 5 months is open our doors to EIGHT little girls with no family and no home. All we've wanted is to start loving on these little ones who likely have't known love most of their lives.  It seemed like it was FINALLY happening in December - after following instructions to the last detail and a handful of inspections, we would get our last stamp of approval from the Zambian government while David and I were in Zambia!

So imagine our extreme disappointment when sitting in a small government official's office, the hope of opening was taken away from us because of a brand new roadblock - a fence.  

For the first time in the 5 months of working with the Zambian government to open Life Okendewa, we were told we had to build a fence around the orphanage property before opening our doors. Despite there not being any fences in a 10 mile radius of Kunchubwe Village, despite the 8 children in need of a home, despite the months of coordinating with the government about our plans - a fence stands in our way. 

We need to raise $3,500.

In a leap of faith and necessity - we've already sent $3,500 to start work on the fence.  BUT - we certainly hadn't budgeted for this unexpected expense.  We need your help to reach our goal - opening Life Okendewa. Will you help us overcome this final roadblock through giving?  

We can't thank all of our supporters enough - for helping us overcome many roadblocks this past year without even knowing it!  Our work and our future impact would not be possible without you.



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