ZamLife: The Holidays

Happy New Year!!

We hope your Christmas and New Year were as fun & love-filled as ours!  We are still trying to catch up from our AMAZING trip to Zambia in December!  I will post about everything we did and accomplished during our two week trip next week!


We also realize we've been a little slack (life and running Love Abounds has kept all of us very busy) in posting updates from Tony and Carol on the blog.  Today we're continuing our ZamLife Series and hope to post once a month about what Tony & Carol are up to during 2017!

Today - we're talking about Christmas in the village from the eyes and mouth of Carol:

"December 2016 was definitely unlike any other December I've experienced before.   Many people have asked if Zambians celebrate Christmas, and they do, but very differently than we do in the States!  Its even more different when you are celebrating in the village.  

Of course, there were no Christmas lights or decorated trees or the Christmas hustle and bustle we have in the States.  And I must admit, I was feeling a little (actually A LOT) homesick.  I was missing the trees and gifts and the family gatherings and everything else I'm used to doing at Christmas time.

I was talking to some of the Love Abounds crew in the village about what Christmas meant to them and their responses were always something like this:

On Christmas day we always go to church, even if its not Sunday.  After church we will spend the rest of the day visiting family and friends.  Because it is a special day they have a feast consisting of chicken, rice, and greens.

I asked them about exchanging gifts and they told me:

Our gift to one another is that we've made it through the year and rejoice at starting a new year together as a family.

At this point, I was really starting to feel like a spoiled kid and decided to adjust my whole Christmas attitude and I soon found myself enjoying every minute of the season -- even without the lights, the gifts, the trees, and the hustle & bustle.  

On Christmas Day, we went to church as we always do on Sunday morning and I was in total shock.  The Love Abounds crew totally surprised me by decorating the WHOLE church.  They even made a reindeer out of some benches and painted concrete bags.  Their sign said "Welcome Christmas Day!" I was so taken back at their generosity to make Christmas Day a special one for me here in Zambia.  Celebrating in our new community with our friends and family here - it turned out to be one of my favorite Christmases ever!!!


We are incredibly grateful for this loving and welcoming community accepting us and treating us as family, not just at Christmas, but every day.  I have to admit, I am constantly astounded at the lengths they go to to show us their love and appreciation.  Thank you, Kunchubwe Village, for being the BEST!

Next week catch up on our adventure-packed trip this past November-December! Until then... ALL the best to an awesome 2017!




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