They'll be home for Christmas!

They'll be home for Christmas!

You can count on them!

Let's have snow and mistletoe and

presents by the tree!  

That's right everyone! Tony and Carol are officially coming home for Christmas and New Years! We've bought their flights and they'll be here before you know it!

If you don't know the fabulous T&C, then you're surely missing out. Their hard work in Zambia in 2017 has been UNBELIEVABLE and we want to give them the break they deserve this holiday season!  Consider joining us in showering them with love while they're here!

One way you can help show the love is
helping us cover their flights to the USA! 

They found an incredible deal and both their flights were only $2,500 total.  We've got one flight covered but we could use your help for the other! 

Another way to show them the love -
consider helping them stock up on supplies during their stay! 

Things they need are simple first aid kit supplies: GAUZE, neosporin, alcohol wipes, cortizone, GAUZE PADS, medical tape, rubber gloves, ace bandages, etc.  PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE BANDAIDS. Tick and flea collars (for our LA pups -- not people!)

They also need craft supplies for the kids: crayons, coloring books, puzzles, markers, stickers, educational material, etc. 

Things that might make their time in Zambia more pleasant: water-flavoring drops (like Mio), Starbucks coffee beans, and some good books!

Please let me know if you're interested in sending T&C back with supplies. They only have limited space in their suitcases! 

(if you live far away or delivering the supplies is going to be a burden on you... please consider donating to their flights instead! thank you!)

thank you so much for your constant love & support! We're so excited about welcoming home 2 of our favorite people! Thank you for joining us!!


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