2016 TOP 5 & 2017 BIG 5


Last year we posted on New Years' about our highlights from the previous year and our BIG 5 goals for 2016.  Well its about a month and a half late... but here it is!  Our 2016 TOP 5 highlights and our BIG 5 goals for 2017!

2016 Top 5:

  1. Tony and Carol move to Zambia!!!  April 2016 Tony and Carol sold their house, packed up their belongings, and moved across the world to live out their dreams!  Certainly, every day has not been perfect and truthfully, some days have been really hard for Tony and Carol - but their impact in Kunchubwe Village is unbelievable and undeniable.  Carol tells me "there is never a dull moment" and there's never been a truer statement. We're so thankful for this AMAZING duo - our 2016 would have looked a lot bleaker if it weren't for them! 
  2. Life Okendewa under construction!  In 2016 we built the first of 5 homes in Life Okendewa, our home for abandoned and orphaned children!  Not only did we build the first house - we also built 8 toilets, 4 showers, a kitchen, and a real fancy fence! ;)
  3. The Chicks Empowered ladies are THRIVING!  In 2016, the ZamSquad built a wall in the chicken house to run TWO batches of chickens simultaneously! Since building the wall, the ladies are earnings have DOUBLED, earning around $40 a month now!!  In November, the ladies signed for their very first micro-loan of $56/each - which is funding the seed and fertilizer to grow 21,000 POUNDS of corn!!
  4. We met the Love Abounds Crew! After pretty much giving up on the men of Zambia, we met the most incredible group of men dedicated to making our vision for Kunchubwe Village happen!  The Love Abounds crew are now officially apart of the Love Abounds family.... Check out goal number 3 below!
  5. We shared love with more people!  In 2016, we drilled 3 new wells (2 in new villages), we built a community play ground in Kunchubwe Village, and we deepened our friendships with the people of Kunchubwe Village. Instead of running away scared when Tony and Carol's silver van drives through the village -- everyone waves, runs towards them, or greets them with a Mwaka Bwanji!  In 2016 we went from being strangers in Kunchubwe to being family!!!

2017 Big 5

  1. OPEN LIFE OKENDWA! The first home will open in Spring 2017 and will be the home to EIGHT girls between 4 and 5 years old.  After a year of construction, the grand opening will be a HUGE celebration!
  2. GROW OUR PUBLIC HEALTH PROJECTS! In 2017, Love Abounds is welcoming their very first intern to the team, Melissa. Graduating from ECU with a Bachelors in Public Health, we are excited to utilize Melissa's extensive knowledge on all thing Public Health.  Our vision for growing our public health projects include: drilling more wells, building hand washing stations, and increasing education outreach
  3. A NEW ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT!  Remember the Love Abounds Crew?  Well this group of guys were so inspired by the ladies of Chicks Empowered, they want to start their very own economic development project.  The project will be centered on providing an in-demand good and service in the village.
  4. SUPPORT OUR CURRENT PROJECTS.  In 2017 we will continue supporting and growing our current projects in Kunchubwe including: being amazed at our awesome Chicks Empowered ladies, build our second home at Life Okendewa, grow the KID-to-KID Club, and host more events in the US!
  5. INCREASE ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT. In 2016 we hired not one but THREE Directors - Bethany became the official State-Side Director (one of the BIG 5 Goals of 2016) and Tony & Carol became our In-Country Directors.  

In 2017, Our goal is to support our team share love in Zambia with fewer stumbling blocks.  For example:
-- Tony and Carol are in *desperate* need of a truck to travel the muddy roads to Kunchubwe Village
-- Traveling to and from Zambia costs $$ (around $2,000 per person per trip)
-- A Monthly stipend for Tony and Carol to cover their gas, car repairs, project expenses, etc. etc.


2016 was an incredible year for Love Abounds.  Reflecting back on the BIG 5 goals we set for 2016 and to see we accomplished them all - fills me with joy!!  We had an awesome year in 2016 and I KNOW that 2017 is going to be EVEN BETTER!!!!  

To make our goals for 2017 a reality - we need your help - consider partnering with us monthly! For the price of a Starbucks Latte ($5), a Netflix subscription ($10), or a date night at the movies ($25) - you help fund the incredible work happening RIGHT NOW in Kunchubwe Village.  Whether its filling Tony and Carol's gas tank, ensuring the Chicks Empowered ladies get their supplies on time,  or helping fund a trip to Zambia - your donations make our work possible!

Without financial partnership covering our administrative costs - we wouldn't be able to accomplish our mission - 

give love | inspire hope | change lives

THANK YOU to our financial and emotional supporters who are making ^ this most important goal ^ a reality!!!

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