ZamLife: A Call for Prayer!

Its that time again! An update from Tony and Carol on life in Zambia.  Today I'm sharing my perspective on Carol's story about the frustrating inspection process.  Over the past month, we've reached our fed up point -  so we're asking for your help again.  Except this time, we don't mean financially.  We need your help to stand with us in prayer.  This story will help explain why...

Over the past 4 or 5 months we have been trying to work along side the Child Services equivalent organization in Zambia. Tony and Carol have repeatedly tried to schedule and reschedule inspections and appointments in hopes to open Life Okendewa ASAP.  It was always hard to get anything on the books officially.  

Because of the time difference between Zambia and North Carolina (7 hours right now) its not odd that I wake up to an update from Tony and Carol about their day - something going on in the village or what not.  Sometimes I wake up to good news... sometimes not so good. 

So when I woke to a frantic text from Carol on February 8th saying that Child Services had just called and said they're coming THE NEXT DAY with no warning and EVERYTHING in the house had to be 100% ready to go... we were all a little tiffed.

On February 8th Tony drove a total of 11 hours to transport everything to and from the village for the inspection the next day. 

But did he really need to do that? Did they stay true to their word and come on February 9th?? nope.  Actually they didn't follow through with any of the appointments for all these times:

  • February 10th we had public health and fire inspections, child services STILL DID NOT COME.  
  • Rescheduled for February 15th.  "Hey, about to finish up in village.  Child services postponed til next week." - Received Thursday, February 16th.
  • Thursday February 23rd - Child services contacts Tony and Carol for the final inspection to be Tuesday the 28th.  Doesn't happen.
  • March 2nd wake up to text "Sometime today we need to talk." Never a good sign. Tony and Carol went to the Child Services offices -- because they were supposed to go out to the village.  Not only could they not go - because they've been dragging their feet - Tony and Carol's visa extension ran out.  They had trouble renewing it. Through God's goodness we were finally able to get their 2 year visa by pulling strings.

Which brings us to this Tuesday, March 7th.  A FULL MONTH after Child Services said they would come to the village for the final inspection that still hasn't happened! Tony and Carol drive to Chongwe to the Child Services offices prepared for the inspection  and they back out AGAIN at the last minute.  Not only do they NOT COME but they proceed to tell us of EVEN MORE things we "have to do" before we can open.  (For months we've basically begged them to give us all the information we need.)

Which brings us to our need - Your prayers.  tomorrow we have the final inspection scheduled again!

We're done being pushed around and strung along.  We've crossed every T and dotted every I that they've handed us the past 5 months.  And we're ready to get that final stamp of approval. Will you agree with us in prayer for the following things:

  • the inspectors will come tomorrow! no backing out. no more being strung along.  They will keep their word!
  • Everything on this unknown checklist will be CHECKED off! and approved!
  • This will be the FINAL MEETING to take place before the grand opening!

We need this to happen for two reasons:

  1. OUR GRAND OPENING IS SCHEDULDED FOR MARCH 25TH!  David and I have booked our tickets - there is no turning back now - and there WILL BE a grand opening while we're in Zambia!  We've invited the community, dignitaries in surrounding villages, and even Chieftainess Nkomeshya! 

  2. We have little girls LITERALLY waiting to call Life Okendewa home and aren't able to because of this delayed inspection process. This is what its all about. The whole reason that we've built Life Okendewa in the first place.  We are so looking forward to the day when we can wrap them in our arms and comfort them by saying "WELCOME HOME little ones!" 

Thank you to everyone who gives in all avenues - financially, emotionally, in time and effort.  None of this would be possible without each of you - not just the money to supply - but also the prayer that opens doors, protects, and makes the impossible possible.  

Thank you!