6 down 3 to go!

What could you buy for $37.50/month?

With $37.50 a month I could buy: 

  • a weeks worth of cookout trays
  • a weeks worth of Starbucks runs
  • a weeks worth of gas for our car
  • one date night (maybe?) 
  • one months supply of dog food
  • roughly a weeks worth of utilities - water, electricity, and internet
  • less than a weeks worth of health insurance
  • a days worth of daycare 

With $37.50 a month, Life Okendewa kids could buy:

  • ALL their food for a month
  • ALL their hygiene products for a month
  • ALL their educational expenses for a month
  • ALL their medical expenses for a month
  • EVERY need or expense 

3 LO kiddos still need sponsors! 

These sweeties are thriving in their new home at Life Okendewa.  Thanks to our great community of givers we've been able to keep food on their table, clothes on their backs, and sent to school every day.  We're asking for sponsorships for our LO kids not just for financial reasons.  Sponsorships are a commitment to giving love with us daily.  Its stating to us, to the LO kiddos, and to their community: "Juliette / Godfrey / Evans, I love you, I believe in you, I know you have so much to give to this world, and YOU ARE BELOVED."

Will you join us today in committing to one of their lives? Not because you feel guilty or like we're twisting your arm -- we're not here for your pity.  But if you look at one of their pictures and something on the inside of you leaps because you KNOW that their life is one you want to invest in -- welcome to the Life Okendewa family -- we're happy to have you!