"All our dreams can come true, if we have the COURAGE to pursue them." - Walt Disney

If you've ever done much international travel - especially to the developing world - then you know the most popular question you're faced with is:

"Aren't you scared?!?!"

This week the story of our village does not come from Kunchubwe or Zambia at all.  It starts right here - where most of you hail from -  in North Carolina with a couple and a dream.

I love that quote by Walt Disney.  We all have dreams, bucket lists, "I-wish-I-hads" but not everyone has the COURAGE to transform their dreams into reality.

Tony and Carol did. Their dream was to move to Africa and build an orphanage. They had the courage to make a plan - to prepare financially - to sell their house, their cars, their belongings - and ultimately to buy a one-way ticket to Zambia in April 2016. 

Tony and Carol do.  If only working in Zambia were easy - they wouldn't need courage to keep pursuing their dreams.  Their daily courage keeps them on the dangerous roads to Kunchubwe Village, it helps them remain calm in times of crisis, and it pushes them further to make their dream a reality.

I read once that courage is to act in accordance with one's belief, especially in spite of criticism.  I think it might be my new favorite definition of the word. Its the definition that Tony and Carol live out from day-to- day.  Since moving to Zambia a year and a half ago they've faced critics at every turn:

  • They were told building an orphanage in the bush would be impossible.TODAY our orphanage, Life Okendewa, is the only orphanage in the Chongwe District (a huge piece of the country) built in a rural village. 
  • They were told, after a short visit to the US for a funeral, they were not allowed back into the country because of a corrupt immigration system. TODAY, Tony and Carol have their temporary residency in Zambia.
  • They were told there's no way you'll make it Kunchubwe Village during the rainy season. TODAY, there has not been a single time they've been unable to make it to the village because of the rains.
  • They were told because of their color that villagers would never trust them and that we would never be able to accomplish our goals as outsiders. TODAY, Tony and Carol run a multitude of successful projects, serve as the village nurses, and are known throughout the area!
  • They were told by many they wouldn't make it living in Zambia for two years.  TODAY, Tony and Carol are excited to extend their stay for year three and are as passionate about the work today as they were on day one!

Their courage inspires me. I watch their dreams unfolding into reality day-after-day and know the innumerable moments of courage it took to get there.

I hope their courage challenges you. To act in accordance with what you believe - with what dream you know is possible.

I hope their courage inspires you. To join our village of courage and support Tony & Carol's work in Kunchubwe Village.  Below are examples of how your monthly donation will affect our work!  


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