Hurricane Flo | Prep & Reflect

In case you live under a rock — a major hurricane is approaching North Carolina — news outlets say it could be the worst hurricane to hit the NC coast in 60 years. As the hurricane watch continues to grow bleaker, everyone is rushing out to buy all the bottled water, bread, and nonperishable items they can get their hands on. Filled with dread and worry, our NC community has gone just a bit crazy. Not that we’re blaming anyone — the forecast is definitely dreadful. And, shoot, I don’t want to lose power either.

But — simultaneously — I also can’t help but think about our friends across the globe in Kunchubwi. They are constantly living in a post-natural disaster state — no electricity, no running water, scarce food sources, and no transportation. Today I was wondering about how my 9 month old daughter will sleep through the night without her sound machine if the power goes out and realize how quickly we fall back into our first world problem mentality. I can only imagine the looks on the Chicks Empowered ladies’ faces if I tried to explain what a sound machine is to them. It makes me giggle.

We grow so comfortable in our "sound machine world” filled with air conditioning, information constantly at our fingertips, and food/water always a couple steps away — The thought of being without it sends us into pure panic. But today, thinking about all our friends in Zambia, I remembered there is so much to find joy in — come what may. As we fight the lines for supplies, bunker down in our homes, and stay glued to the news — in the Morgan household, we’re choosing joy. We’re choosing to be full of smiles, laughter, fun, and love. We hope you’ll join us in choosing joy over fear.

See you soon, Flo!

We are not diminishing the threat of this hurricane — we realize that a hurricane of this magnitude and strength

is likely to cause widespread damage, flooding, and may even take lives.

We are not ignoring the seriousness of this but simply deciding to choose love, joy, faith over fear, panic, and stress.