Why does this matter?

In villages like Kunchubwe, its difficult to have sustainable and reliable sources of income.  Especially if you're a woman.  Women are truly the hardest working individuals in Zambia.  Almost exclusively, women feel the burden to provide and care for their children, their homes, and their communities.  Its easy to see that by empowering women, we can empower a whole village.  

How can we change a village
through chicken farming?

  • Providing 7 women with consistent and reliable income.

    •  From earning roughly $150 a year to $40 a month - our ladies standard of living has dramatically increased.

  • Raising up 7 small business leaders in the community

    • The diligence and hard work of these incredible women has paid off -- inspiring others to start their own businesses, supporting a thriving marketplace in the community.

  • Introducing a new food source to the community, packed with protein and nutrients, helping to battle against food vulnerability in the area. 

  • Investing in the very members of the community most likely to reinvest their earnings to better the village.

    • Providing education for younger generations.


I never expected something this good to happen in my life, in my village. I look at my life and I see my future is bright. The knowledge I’ve obtained from this project can never be taken away from me.
— Jennifer
I have joy knowing when I leave the house I am going to work. My kids are inspired to see me go to work each day with a new purpose.
— Monica
I’ve always had to work in the garden alone. my husband is nearly blind and all the work falls on my shoulders. This project has given me a community of support I’ve never had before.
— Rita
Chicks empowered has brought unity to us. We’ve become a team. That gives me hope about my future.
— Rosemary
Our first batch was stressful. The next one - we saw the problems and tried new adjustments. Now, we even make our own feed. I enjoy problem-solving with a team to figure out the best methods.
— Martha
The wage I earn through this project has helped me sort out household problems and send my kids to school.
— Elizabeth (mother of 12)

"No one thought this project would succeed, everyone said I shouldn't participate. We've proven the critics wrong. Now my neighbors are encouraging me to stand strong with this project because they see the benefit its brought my life."  - Josephine