Our Vision.

Love changes lives.


Love is powerful. Whether given or received, love has the power to change lives.

We are inspired by love. We believe that by giving tangible love in impoverished rural African communities we are creating change.  Not just change for today but for generations to come.

What does this actually mean?

Our vision is simple — give love, inspire hope, change lives. Giving love and inspiring hope are at the core of all of our programs. If love isn’t part of the equation, we don’t want it. Lucky for us, love manifests itself in a variety, and sometimes surprising, ways. At times, giving love means waking up well before dawn and joining your Chicks Empowered sisters to slaughter chickens. Other times giving love looks like driving a child around from clinic to clinic for TB treatment. And more often than not, love means being present day in and day out, letting everyone know — yes, we are in this together.

Over the years we’ve experienced how powerful love truly is.  We’ve watched a group of women transform from timid individuals to a sisterhood of empowered business leaders. We’ve watched little children grow, blossom, and shine when moved from terrible and heartbreaking situations to a home overflowing with love. We’ve witnessed a community focused on individual survival unite around love — choosing to spend more time giving than receiving -- amazed at how much they receive in turn!

We’re finding that once this community is saturated with love, much like ourselves, they can’t help but give it away, too. Love has an amazing ripple effect that way. Which is why we’re confident that Kunchubwi Village is experiencing a transformation that will spill over into its surrounding communities and future generations.

Thank you for joining us in this journey to give love and inspire hope. Together we are making brighter futures in rural Zambian Villages.


Bethany Morgan
Executive Director, Founder

Bethany Morgan with Life Okendewa daughter Josephine